About SPIS
Let's get to know each other.
"Our mission is to protect children, the elderly, and the vulnerable from predatory criminals. We have a duty and responsibility to conduct every inquiry with integrity and professionalism and with the same passion as if our own children will be exposed to each person of inquiry."
Paul S. Baker, Founder and President of SPIS

SPIS Information Services was founded in 1994 in San Antonio, Texas and has affiliates worldwide.

SPIS is a leader in providing background information on potential employees and volunteers for the religious, corporate, and education communities throughout Texas and the United States of America. SPIS conducts thousands of background inquiries each year.

SPIS maintains the highest level of confidentiality with the information entrusted to our firm. We do not sell or share private information. We have established a safe, secure method of transferring data that is password protected and encrypted to the standards of most financial institutions. See "spisinfo.sharefile.com".  

SPIS maintains access to many County and State mainframe systems as well as private databases containing billions of records which allows us to locate individuals, locate and extract criminal records, driving records and many more data segments to  bring most every inquiry type to a successful close.

SPIS is THE trusted organization on which you can depend for the right information, at the right time.

SPIS  is a Texas based professional firm, licensed and insured.