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       SPIS offers a wide range of information services to include:

Criminal Records
Criminal Records - Felony and Misdemeanor
Sex Offender Search - Nationwide, Statewide, and local where available
National Warrants
Arrest Records
Federal Criminal Docket
Office of Foreign Assets Control-Terrorist
Business Criminal Records
Criminal Profile

Driving Records
Most states driving records are available instantly

People Searches
People Searches by name, DOB, SS#, address, email address, and many other combinations
SSN Verifier Plus
Death Index Search by name and SS #
Live Credit Bureau Headers
Possible Relatives
Possible Roommates

Asset Searches
Property Ownership
Corporate Records
DBA(Doing Business As)/FBN (Ficticious Business Name) Search
Vehicle Ownership by V.I.N. or License Plate number

Profile Reports
Premium Profile
Mini Profile
Neighborhood Profile
Criminal Profile
Shared Residence Report

Phone & E-mail
Mobile Phone by Name
E-People Search
Mobile & Unlisted Numbers
Telephone Searches by name, address, telephone number, reverse number look up

Court Records
Bankruptcy Records
Tax Lien Records
Civil Judgments
Combination Bankruptcy, Tax Lein, Judgments
Eviction Records
Federal Court Records
Marriage Licenses
Divorce Records

Business Searches
Corporate Records
DBA(Doing Business As)/FBN (Ficticious Business Name) Search
FEIN-Tax ID Search
Business Phone Search
Federal Court Records
Business Criminal Search
Professional Licenses

Delayed Searches
Consumer Credit Reports
Federal Criminal Records
Federal Civil Records
On-site State Criminal
On-site County Criminal
On-site County Civil
Previous Employment Verification
Education Verification