In the course of conducting thousands of criminal records searches, SPIS will see the worst in human behavior. It is our duty, responsibility, and our mission to keep sex offenders and other predatory type individuals out of our client's programs and away from children, the elderly, and the vulnerable. Included here are a few testimonials describing situations in which SPIS detected and reported the serious criminal past  of a few individuals:

" Our diocese was sponsoring a weekend retreat for teens and had asked for volunteers to chaperone, cook, teach bible study..etc. A man who had recently moved into the area had signed up to volunteer as a chaperone for the retreat. The day before the group was to leave for the retreat, the man turned in his paperwork and authorization for a background check. The service we were using at that time could not process his information before the trip. I was referred to SPIS from another Diocese and called their office. Mr. Baker answered the phone and encouraged me to send him the person's information and he would work on it immediately. In the matter of a few minutes time, Mr. Baker called back to tell me he had discovered this man is a registered sex offender  in another state. Shortly after our conversation, Mr. Baker sent a detailed report of this person's criminal past and a photo from the state's sex offender registry to verify this was the man trying to go on our retreat. There is no way to know if this man would have committed a crime against a child on our retreat, but we were not going to give him the opportunity"  Name and location withheld, available upon request.

"Our church has a very active youth sports program, and sponsors a traveling girls sports team. The coach of this team had an associate that wanted to help out with the team.  As per the diocesan policy, we submitted his name and information to SPIS for a background check. The report generated by SPIS was disturbing , but we didn't fully understand the charge, which was "Official Oppression".  The Human Resources Director contacted SPIS for direction. Mr. Baker from SPIS went to the County Courthouse and retrieved the case file. Included in the file was the indictment describing exactly what  actions the man took, statements from the police officers and detectives involved in the case, as well as statements from the victim (which was a young woman, 20 years of age).  This man had been in a position of power that he used to take advantage of a powerless person."    Name and location withheld,  available upon request.

"My husband and I had decided to put our child in a martial arts school. After "shopping around", we found a school near our neighborhood that seemed perfectly nice and focused on children. Before enrolling our child, I contacted SPIS to check out the school and its' owner. We were shocked that SPIS discovered the owner of the school is a registered sex offender!  We obviously did not go any further with that school" Name and location withheld, available upon request.

We have been using SPIS as our background check company for more than five years. The personalized service that we get from using them is important especially when the results of a check reveal a background that would cause concern in the hiring process. Paul and his group are thorough and have assisted us in confirming the identity of applicants whose background check results reveal information for which we may have concerns. Paul goes above and beyond what most background check companies would do, if at all, to ascertain additional information and the latest update on the results to allow us to make the best decisions on placing an applicant in a position. Name and location withheld, available upon request.
February 22, 2017
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Stephanie Bonilla, and I am the Director of the Office for Safe Environment and Child and Family Resources for the Diocese
of Corpus Christi Texas. The SPIS Company has proven to be an invaluable resource to the processing and reviewing of background checks for our parishes and schools. SPIS has far exceeded our expectations in diligent, thorough research and expedient fact finding, all while providing a professional and caring disposition in any and all communications we have received. Mr. Baker's dedication to providing
the most accurate information to our Church community in a timely fashion is second to none. The direct work of Mr. Baker, and the
work of the SPIS company reflects both heart, and a shared commitment in ensuring that we have the safest of environments for all
who worship or who are active in our diocesan locations. I highly recommend Mr. Paul Baker and the SPIS Company to anyone who seeks
to be diligent in the pursuit of providing the safest of environments for their respective community.

Most Sincerely, 
Stephanie Bonilla
Office for Safe Environment and Child & Family Resources
Diocese of Corpus Christi
620 Lipan, Corpus Christi, 'IX 78401
Phone: 361,882.6191 www.diocesecc.org